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Top Rated Carpet Cleaning Spokane Service - #1 Rated For A Reason!

Starting at $44 Per Area For Spokane Carpet Cleaning & Coeur D Alene Carpet Cleaning Customers!

Clean Customs have been raising the bar for all commercial and residential cleaning. We are grateful and proud of the thousands of local customers. Our strategy is simple: Give the customers a better service for a better price - period!

We are fully trained and certified. Spokane BBB Rating of A+ and 5 Stars ratings in Yelp and Groupon. Clean Customs of Spokane, WA is eager to show you the best cleaning - guaranteed!

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Our solid customer and service reputation across the area has made us a leading choice for homeowners and office management to use our cleaning services. Our attention to detail is what seperates us, as our team of technicnans and owner-operated ways goes above and beyond. Clean Customs of Spokane delivers a longer lasting clean that drives down costs annually.

You deserve a better clean and a better customer experience. Join the hundreds that choose us for carpet cleaning and more.
Office Cleaning: Air Duct, Carpet, Tile, Upholstery. Specialty Services: Pet Stain & Odor Removal & Commercial, Disinfecting & Janitorial

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